In 2004 the crime thriller The Card Player (German title: fatal poker games) started. This is about online poker and the life of hostages as a stake. In the same year, another Italian film was released in Italy, which is about a poker rematch among old friends. The lesser known film La rivincita di Natale (English title: Christmas Rematch) in a drama with comedic elements.

In 2005 the poker comedy drama Freeze Out was released in the USA. It’s about the micro-stakes game of poker with a few friends. It is interesting that the director himself was a poker player and financed the film production purely with profits from poker games.

Another fun poker movie was shown in 2007: The Grand . The actors had to improvise a lot in the film about the participants of a poker tournament.

In 2008, Burt Reynold played a poker player who coached a rookie in the movie Deal .

The 2009 Chinese comedy Poker King is about Texas Hold’em , rip-offs and poker tournaments.

Runner Runner (2013), one of the few films about online poker . Strongly cast with Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck. Despite the exciting topic, it was torn up by the critics.

And finally Molly’s Game was filmed in 2017 and was very successful. Maybe because Molly Bloom really existed and managed to organize very high stakes poker games. But maybe also because the film is just really well made and very exciting.

So there is a whole collection of exciting poker films for poker fans who love to see big movies. It is nice to see that the online poker game also makes it into the scripts time and again and even brings in considerable sums of money at the box office.

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